Born to make people with good intentions visible, 3THREE7SEVEN was founded in 2019 on the beach of El Portet, Moraira, Spain. We are a Dutch-roots international brand, easily recognizable by our fairly large 37 symbol placed right on the heart. 37 is not a number, it's the 'why' behind the brand, the driving force, the belief and the reason why we started 3THREE7SEVEN

Attached meaning to our logo.

The logo symbolizes adventurous and active people, often people with good intentions. These people are proud to wear clothing with the 3THREE7SEVEN logo because they see it as a message about their lifestyle to match.

Everyone has a story to tell

3THREE7SEVEN believes that every person has the strength and power to become a happy adventures person. The only difference is the route people take. Some are born to see the ease of life, some struggle more. That route is an unknown adventure for both of them. We know about it, we are people too.

Nature provides a great playground, use it, don't abuse it.

Machiel van Veen
Founder & designer

Trademark since November 9, 2022